500G white fish and smoked/dyed fish or salmon . I used 250G cod, 250G smoked dyed haddock

100G small prawns
tub of quark
75g of peas or sweetcorn
4 eggs
400ml fish stock, i used a fish stockpot jelly pot and topped it up with hot water.
(stockpots 2 for £3 at moment in tesco and sainsbury)
4 large potatoes
2 heas of cheese

i wanted a fish pie with a creamy thickish sauce not a runny watery one which ive had before, so i adapted 3 sw recipes to get the right thing.

skin the fish and place in a saucepan add 200ml water and HALF a fish stockpot. allow to reach the boil and cook gently for 7 mins.
meanwhile peel & dice potatoes and boil.

boil 3 of the 4 eggs.

flake the fish and put into an ovenproof dish, add prawns and sweetcorn/peas.

beat the quark in a bowl with half of remaining fish stockpot, and 200ml hot water and the remaining egg.
add a tablespoon of herbs i used some chopped parsley and some dill. mix well and pour over fish. Peel the eggs and cut into quarters and place randomly .
season .
mash the potatoes or whisk with an electric hand mixer, i added a butterbud sachet (0.5 syns) and enough water to get a creamy mash then topped fish. i grated 2 heas of cheddar on top and baked gas 6 for 25 mins.