A recipe by ‘pete’ a fabulous slimming world cook . this is one of my favourite meals

Pete’s Beef Stroganoff


400g Sainsbury’s extra lean casserole steak, sliced into strips (ff)
2 onions, sliced (s)(sff)
2 garlic cloves, finely chopped (sff)
150g button mushrooms (s)(sff)
1tsp paprika
1tbsp Worcester sauce
1 Knorr herb stock pot. ( I used a tsp of mixed herbs)
1 Knorr beef stock pot made into 250ml stock
1 pack of Schultz garlic, mushroom & cream sauce (4.5 syn/4=1.125 syns each)
350mL skimmed milk (3syn/4=0.75 syn each)
300g long grain rice (ff)
1 chilli, finely chopped & de-seeded (s)(sff)
Cupful of frozen peas (ss)(ff)


slice beef into thin strips, cook dry in a frying pan until browned, remove & set aside in a bowl

Spray the frying pan with Fry Light and sweat the onions, chilli & garlic, add the button mushrooms & cook for a few minutes, add the Knorr Herb stock pot, mix well until the herbs are infused.

Add the beef, mix well, and add beef stock & Worcester sauce. Make up the sauce mix as per the instructions on the packet and when it starts to thicken, add to the beef & mushrooms, mix well, add the paprika. (At this point you could place ingredients in a slow cooker and leave to slow cook.) seasoning & cook for 20-30 mins. Put the peas in 5 mins before serving