thanks to another sw minimins star for this recipe

butternut and sage risotto

1 butternut
Dry or fresh sage
Garlic clove
300g risotto rice
Veg stock

1st chop a bns and roast in oven with some sage (can use dry sage)for about 30 mins or until soft

then in a pan fry an onion and a clove of garlic.when thats all softened add 300g risotto rice and keep topping up with some vegetable stock. I used 2 veg stock cube and a pint and half of water and kept topping up.

when bns is done , mash half and put it in with your rice and this will turn it a lovely yellowey orangey colour,keep topping up with stock untill rice is cooked,then when all stock is absorbed dish out and put remaining bns on top.

also really nice if grate hea of cheese on top.