Chicken butternut squash and mushy pea curry

1 onion
Half butternut squash
Green pepper
Garam masala
Chicken stock 1 pint
Pataks curry paste or equivalent
Chopped coriander
Tin mushy peas
2 chicken breasts

I chopped an onion and put half into fry lighted pan. Cook for 2 mins add tsp lazy garlic or a crushed clove, tsp lazy ginger or fresh if preferred. cook through.

Add half chopped butternut squash, half green pepper ( an odd bit I had in fridge- whatever you’ve got free) add 1 tsp garam masala.

add a Pint of stock, a tablespoon of pataks curry paste ( needs synning) or 1 tsp curry powder if not got pataks , chopped coriander and let simmer until bns is tender(15-20 min).

Add salt and pepper and a tin of mushy peas, stir through. Remove from heat . Allow to cool slightly, then blitz into a sauce.

chop 2 large chicken breasts into Bite sized pieces and fry in frylighted pan. When brown Add to curry sauce, fry other half of onion and approx 6-8 medium sized mushrooms in large chunks . When done add to curry and serve .