4 chicken breasts
8 low syn sausages or I used joes sausage meat
3 baby bel light
6-8 rashers bacon
Syn free plus 1 hea for whole dish.

1- spray some fry light in a square/rectangular ovenproof dish
2-slice 2 chicken breasts in small slithers and layer the bottom of the dish.
3- remove the skin from the sausages (just slide knife along and skin comes off easily)
4-break the sausagemeat up into little blobs and layer it over the chicken.
5-slice the babybel up small and lay randomly on top of the sausagemeat.
6-using a potato masher push the cheese into the sausagemeat.
7-slice the remaining 2 chicken breasts in slithers and place over the cheese/sausagemeat.
8-top with the bacon
9-cover with tin foil and cook at 200 for 40 mins or until chicken is cooked through.
10-10 mins b4 cooked remove the tin foil. You will have water from the chicken pour this away and cook uncovered