orange and chorizo chicken

chicken breasts for how ever many you have eating
1 orange
4-5 small / new potatoes for each person
chorizo , either pre done slices, or sausage to then slice
fry light
red onion
sea salt
hea of cheese per person

chop potatoes into quarters or halves if very small, place in ovenproof dish, sprinkle with seasalt and grind some black pepper and garlic and chilli granules if you have them, if not just sprinkle on some chopped garlic.

slice red onion and spread over potatoes, spray with frylight then add the chicken breasts, cover each breast with 4 slices of chorizo, add the zest of the orange sprinkling over whole lot and frylight again then bake for 35 mins on gas 7.

remove from oven place strips of cheese on top, i used red leicester hence the orange colour, then bake until cheese has melted. serve with veg