Serves 4
red onion- sliced
1/2 red pepper 1/2 green pepper – sliced
Handful spinach
4 Joes garlic and herb sausages (free)
4 rashers bacon
3/4 bag Penne pasta
Lloyd grossmans tomato & chilli pasta sauce (11 syns per jar divided by 4 = 2.75 so call it 3 syns per serving )

Cook the pasta to instructions , drain . Put sausages under grill/ halogen/ oven to cook
Meanwhile spray a pan with frylight and add the onion , cook until soft
Add peppers and remove from pan once cooked through. Set aside.
Add bacon rashers chopped (and all visible fat removed) cook until browned. Then stir spinach through until wilted.

Empty jar of sauce into pan , heat through then add pasta and other ingredients. Chop sausages into bite sized pieces and stir through pasta.
Grate allowance of cheese on top and pop under grill, or into oven until melted. I used morrisons farmhouse mature but reduced fat cheese and used 2 ‘Hea’s of 45 g each and it gave me loads once ,melted. Yummlicious . Really was gorgeous.