Hi there guys thanks for all the lovely comments.

Here’s the latest dish –


Serves 2

3 leeks ( depending on size)
Pack of ham
60g cheese ( 2 heas, 1 per portion)
4 mushrooms
I used 1 tbsp English mustard and 1 tbsp whole grain but you could use any mustard, French, Dijon etc.
I used 3 tbsp reduced fat creme Fraiche because I had to use it up but you could use quark
And about 50 mls milk – 0.5 syn

Preheat oven gas 7
Trim leeks removing very green ends and cut to size to fit your oven dish. If there are pieces left over you can join them up to form another line when you’re ready to put them in the dish.

Then place them in a pan of boiling water for 6-7 mins until just tender
Remove from pan and allow to cool enough to handle
Wrap each leek or part of leek in ham and place into dish.
Slice mushrooms and add on top

Then mix the grated cheese, the creme Fraiche / quark and mustard to a paste. Add salt & pepper and a little of the milk bit by bit until you have a sauce ( but not too thin) consistency. The leeks will give out some extra water during cooking so don’t make sauce too runny.

Spoon over the leeks season again and bake for 15 mins or until browned