1 onion chopped (I used red) a handful of mushrooms I used about 8 – sliced

125ml White wine, 750ml hot veg stock, handful of spinach 150g arborio rice. 

Frylight pan add onion and mushroom until cooked, add rice, stir until coated. Add wine and simmer until absorbed then slowly bit by bit add stock , allow to absorb each time. When used up turn off heat stir in spinach allow to wilt. Stir in 3 tbsp Parmesan. Season to taste. Gorgeous . 
SeabAss fillets – 2 pack in fish section tescos for £3.36 at the moment. 

Spray pan with frylight gentle fry fish for 5-7 mins turning once. Remove from pan, add prawns and a teaspoon of sweet chilli sauce. Stir fry until heated through