Fry a turkey steak in frylight, just until browned on each side about 4 mins.remove from pan, Place on a grill pan and add a splodge of Tom purée. Spread around then add pizza toppings of choice- I used ham, sweetcorn, tomato mushroom , pineapple, dried oregano and fresh basil and cheese. Melt under grill until bubbling. 
Cook jacket potato in oven or microwave, cut in half leaving deep sides ( like you would cut a lemon in half- not lengthways) scoop out potato and mix in a bowl with laughing cow cheeses or Philly with garlic.add sweetcorn , chives or spring onions etc anything you fancy. Add grated cheese if you have any of allowance left then refill jackets and place under grill or in oven if it’s still on.